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The purpose of this procedure is to establish a method for resolving objections and complaints received from customers and other interested parties at Link Inspection. In addition, it is to ensure the continuity of the satisfaction of the customers by meeting their satisfaction, requests, and suggestions as soon as possible.

This procedure covers all necessary activities in accordance with the principles of independence, impartiality, and honesty in order to receive and finalize the objection or complaint received from the customer and other related parties. In addition, customers' satisfaction with Link Inspection activities, requests, and suggestions are monitored under this procedure.

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Complaint, Appeal, and Suggestion Form
Customer Complaint and Appeal List

Complaint: An expression of dissatisfaction about the inspection organization received from any person/institution.

Appeal: A request by an applicant, service recipient, or organization to reconsider the outcome of a decision made in the relevant processes.

Link Inspection’s General Manager, Technical Manager, Operations Director, Operations Manager, Operations Manager, Quality Manager, and Business Development Manager are responsible for the execution of this procedure.

All Link Inspection employees are responsible for communicating the suggestions, requests, complaints, and objections of the customers to the Quality Manager in writing and/or verbally.


6.1. General:
All kinds of suggestions, objections, and complaints that may be related to the activities being carried out can be made by mail, fax, by hand, or via e-mail via website or verbally.

Link personnel who receive the suggestions, objections, and complaints received by us shall forward this matter to the Operations Director and/or Operations Manager and Quality Manager.

The Operations Director and/or Operations Manager and/or Quality Manager shall notify the relevant party in writing (via e-mail or official correspondence format) that the suggestion, complaint, and objection has been received.

The complaint/appeal is reviewed by the Quality Manager, Technical Manager, Operations Director, or Operations Manager and evaluated whether it is related to Link Inspection's services. If the complaint/appeal is not related to our activities, the relevant parties are informed in an official letter.

The evaluation of complaints regarding the activities of Link Inspection shall be evaluated by the person(s) appointed by the General Manager who has not been involved in the activities subject to the complaint and objection.

The person(s) whose opinions are received at all stages of the process from the receipt of the objection and complaint to its finalization must act in accordance with the principles of independence, impartiality, and confidentiality.

6.2. Evaluation of Complaints/Objections:
Complaints/objections made to Link Inspection are recorded with the "Complaint, Objection and Suggestion Form" filled out by the Quality Manager.

In addition, all complaints/objections received by Link Inspection are tracked by the Quality Manager with the "Customer Complaint and Objection List".

The unit manager who is party to the complaint is responsible for analyzing and evaluating the customer complaint, sharing his/her suggestions with the impartial person(s) related to the subject notifying the Quality Management department, and making arrangements to prevent future occurrences.

After all kinds of customer objections and complaints received by Link Inspection are evaluated, if deemed necessary, corrective actions are initiated by the Quality Manager according to the Nonconformity and Corrective Action Procedure.

Within 10 business days at the latest, the complainant/objector is informed in writing about the result, records are kept and the activity is terminated.

Evaluation of the complaint/objection, initiation of the necessary SLO, closure, implementation results, etc. The follow-up of the process including stages such as, etc. is carried out by the Quality Manager.

Complaints/objections received by the company, decisions taken, and records kept are periodically reviewed at the Management Review meeting.

The objection complaints that reach us through the legal authorities are followed up under the authority of the General Manager.

6.3. Continuation of the Customer's Complaint:
The Labor Courts of Turkey are legally authorized for the resolution of disputes arising from the continuation of the complaint/appeal despite the decisions taken regarding the complaint/appeal and all the work done.  

6.4. Evaluation of Suggestions:
The suggestions made to Link Inspection are recorded by the Quality Manager with the Complaint/Objection/Suggestion Form and these suggestions are evaluated at the management review meetings and arrangements are made on the issues deemed necessary.

6.5. Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction:
Satisfaction surveys are organized to identify opportunities for improvement by learning the general wishes and expectations of customers.

The Quality Manager creates a customer satisfaction survey form at least once a year before the management review meeting. This questionnaire is sent to customers based on all sectors, and customers are asked to fill it out in person or on the Link Inspection website. The Quality Manager analyzes the survey results and identifies opportunities for improvement.

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