Link Inspection Expertise Services Co. Ltd.

was established as an International Inspection Company with approval from Turkish Ministry of Economy in 1999. All our services are in scope of quality standards ISO 9001-2008 and accredited as per ISO 17020 standard by Turkish Accreditation Institute (TURKAK).

Our team is experienced in their business field, and consists of engineers and corporate experts. Link team members are technically educated in our constitution and exceeds 60 personels.

Link inspection was constituted by local capital. However we managed to reach out to most remote locations worldwide. Customer satisfaction have always been our main concern. Neutrality and independence comes with great responsibility. While fulfiling our responsibility we never sacrifice from the service quality and never fall behind from the competitors in the field.

As an inspection company, our main goal is to solve problems being faced by our customers on a industry-specific basis. In order to consolidate our standing amongs the competitors, we keep expanding our network and field of service. By diversifying our services and making sacrifice from quality, we target higher standarts on a wider range. This is the foundation of Link Inspection.


Being the best in Turkey, having influence in the World.


Our mission is to complete our tasks/services fully objectively, trustworthy and independently. With the help of developments in technology and implementing these to our work, we meet our clients expectations, international standards and the market’s needs. Yet again all our services are completed with the team spirit and again on time and precisely.